International Games Week Berlin is going to take place from April 21st to 26th and sees Oculus Rift Italia as a media partner. It’s an extremely interesting event, collecting in itself 10 different happenings. As we’ve already hinted, of course VR had to be among the biggest protagonists of the event. VR is, in fact, a recurring buzzword in the various promotional materials of International Games Week. But where we will be able to find it precisely?

VR-centered talks are scheduled inside Quo Vadis, trade conference that will take place from April 21st to 23rd. Among the most important guests we find Noah Falstein, LucasArts veteran which has worked in games like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, nowadays Google’s Chief Game Designer. We’ve already talked about Falstein, which is introducing a new concept beyond virtual and augmented reality: transmogrification. This will be the main subject of his talk, oriented towards designers and producers which are considering whether entering the field of VR and AR, and will explore the potential of these technologies and their near-term successors.

noah falstein

In the picture, Noah Falstein, Google’s Chief Game Designer.

Among the expected speakers, also Harald Krefting, principal software engineer for AKQA. Krefting has worked on the Oculus Rift Nissan Idx VR experience, featured in 2013 in Tokyo Motor Show; also, he’s exploring the potential of Oculus Rift to understand how it can be applied for different kind of business and consumer problems. His panel, appropriatelly is titled: “Virtual Reality beyond Gaming and the Future of Interaction”.

The event will also see the partecipation of Daniel Pots from VR Bits, which with his company founded in 2013 he’s exploring the VR medium, creating well-received applications like DarkfieldVR, Nighttime Terror and an explorable Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. His speech is titled: “Virtual reality development – What we’ve learned from making DarkfieldVR”.

VR will be the protagonist also in A MAZE, independent video game festival which will take place from April 22nd to 24th. In fact, the nominated titles include Among the Sleep and Pixel Ripped.